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ERASMUS Program – EITL Toulouse


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Rémi MARA – Director
Magali SAZ – Coordinator / Company training adviser
Christel LEPINE – Recruitment and guidance coordinator


Magali SAZ : + 33 5 34 60 46 35
8, rue Colomies
ZI de Thibaud


Simon – GEFCO (Romania)
I integrated the Sales & Marketing department to assist the tender center coordinator. My mission was to map and optimise transport flows in Central Europe, the Balkans and Middle East areas. This training permitted me to develop my customer and outcome orientations and to deepen my transport knowledge. In addition to increasing my English skills, I have also discovered the rich Romanian culture. Meanwhile, I have enhanced my sense of responsibility and the importance of human relationships.

Robin – AIRBUS (Germany)

I carried out a four-month internship with Airbus in Hamburg in the procurement department within which I was in charge of the suppliers’ performances. My main mission consisted in building up key performance indicators for the monitoring of suppliers’ services. Besides I planned a start up phase of lean management. I deepened and acquired professional experiences but also technical and managerial practices (Excel, SAP, lean management). I improved my level of technical English. I was able to discover new cultures and new corporate behaviours and I acquired soft skills (capacity to manage, to be responsive, to run, to make decisions, to take initiatives, to be more self-confident).

Marie – BOSCH (Allemagne)
I stayed five months in Bosch Germany in the plant located in Bamberg, precisely in IPN department in charge of the manufacturing management of injectors and nozzles in all plants all over the world. I had two main activities during my period in Germany : first, I was an « IPN Logistician » and as such I had to make a collaboration with the distribution of the quantities to be produced in the different factories. Then, I was a « Series Logistician » (Interface between logistician Rodez and Bamberg in the framework of the subcontracting of the « Shotblasting process » on the Bamberg site for the parts manufactured in Rodez.I spoke and wrote in English every day for five months, so it helped me improve my English. I was in contact with planners of many plants on several continents and I had to be aware of the political situation, local working days,… I had a high responsibility in Bamberg. I organised some meetings, I had to decide and manage negotiations.

Mobility for traineeships 

The organisation

The international placements are a full part of the school’s degree programmes which take into account the necessity to train the students for the position of international logistics manager. They are organised in the degree programme of « Manager of International Logistical Operations » between 4 and 5 months.

The network

The school has built up a network of international companies for the accommodation of trainees and a network of partner schools and universities throughout the European Union for the organisation and coordination of traineeship mobilities.

The procedures of recognition

The conduct of placements permits to obtain ECTS and the production of a Europass-mobility, which enables students to certify their acquisition of hard and soft skills with potential recruiters.

The amount of grants

Country group Destination countries Mobility for traineeships (monthly amount) Mobility for studies (monthly amount)
1 Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom 520 370
2 Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal 470 320
3 Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia 420 270


Application and selection criteria

The students submit a file with a CV and a cover letter in foreign languages and they are selected on the basis of a simulation of recruitment interview during which the following elements are tested : their motivation, the coherence of their mobility projects and their linguistic skills on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Mobility for studies


Every semestre is validated by 30 credits. One credit corresponds to 24 to 30 hours’ individual work in which the following elements are taken into account : contact hours and individual work (preparation of case studies, time necessary to prepare for the examinations, preparation for the mobility and in-company reports).

The linguistic policy

English is compulsory and the TOEIC score (Test of English for International Communication) is evaluated on the basis of progress scale in the validation of  the degree of « Manager of International Logistical Operations ».

The access to an e-learning platform for general English and specialised English (transport and logistics) enables to enhance the level of English and start or improve the learning of other languages (Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French as a foreign language).

During the last year of the degree programme « Manager of International Logistical Operations », students can attend and participate in specialized modules in English.

Partner universities

AUSTRIA  : University of Applied Sciences of Vorarlberg

GERMANY  : University of Applied Sciences of Jena

CZECH REPUBLIC  : University of Pardubice